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Our Viewpoint


Our group is not opposed to any and all military operations in north Puget Sound. We do believe, however, that the deployment of 36 GROWLERS  in addition to the existing 82 in our NW Washington region is excessively and unnecessarily intrusive and a threat to the unique character of our area.


We believe that a redeployment of the Growlers to another area is possible especially since much of the activity results from training pilots.  Data obtained from the Freedom of Information Act shows that Growler jets from naval Air Station Whidbey Island (NASWI) flew a total of 2,731 landings (FCLPs) at Navy and Air Force bases in El Centro, North Island, San Clemente and Lenmore in California, in Oceana, Norfolk and Fentras in Virginia, and at Fallon in Nevada.  Thus, the Navy has many airfields to choose from in lower population areas around the US where the impact to local populace and environment would not be so severe.  If the Navy refuses to redeploy the Growlers, a significant mitigation of the adverse effects of that deployment is necessary.


QUIET SKIES IS ASKING Naval Air Station Whidbey Island and our legislators to do the following regarding San Juan County:


  • Minimize overflights of San Juan County.

  • Avoid flying below 3,000 over San Juan County.

  • Reduce the noise impact of stationary engine run-ups. Install a Hush House.

  • Minimize the use of afterburners.

  • Take technical measures to reduce engine noise.


For decades, the communities of NW Washington State have been a partner with the Military in protecting our national security.  Now our communities are collateral damage of the Growler jet program because of the incredible noise, pollution, and economic impacts.  The latest proposal by the Defense Department dramatically increases the number of Growler jets and flights – putting us all at risk.  It’s time we stand up for our community. Sound Defense Alliance:  No new jets.  No new flights. 




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