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The effects of jet noise and Navy military training exercises impact a large region.


The Sound Defense Alliance is an organization representing six Pacific Northwest groups in 5 counties who are fighting to preserve our environment, health, and wildlife.  The Alliance provides a NEW framework for collaboration and resolution between the military interests, state agencies and the civilian culture within Washington State. the Alliance is representing 25,000 citizens and is growing daily.

Another group affected by the Growler is COER, located on Whidbey Island. Their website contains additional information.


The mission of the Coupeville Community Allies is to preserve the character of Central Whidbey by advocating to limit military operations.

We are not alone!  Check out the Peaceful Skies Coalition.



STOP -  Save the Olympic Peninsula is a citizen action group dedicated to protecting the quality of all life by stopping military activities that are detrimental to our environment, economy and health on the Olympic Peninsula. 


POP - Protect Olympic Peninsula - MISSION: To ensure the ecosystem of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State is preserved, Protect Olympic Peninsula is unifying voices to protect the Olympic National Forest and surrounding regions. We adhere to the belief that the decisions we make today create the future we grow tomorrow. 

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