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In addition to San Juan Islands' issues about excessive jet noise associated with flyovers and ground operations, the Navy is engaged in a number of other activities that affect our larger region.  This page will provide some links to articles, letters, and other documents related to the Navy's regional impact.

March 19, 2021: Report from the "Salish Sea Science Symposium: Implications of Noise from Navy Aircraft for the Salish Sea and Olympic Region"

January 11, 2021: Opinion letters: Don't dismiss the data!

December 5, 2020: Data demonstrates Growler Noise Effects on our region.

December 9, 2020: Growler Flights over Olympic National Park.

April 27, 2019:  Consider the costs to the environment of the increased Growler Jet activity by reviewing this website, compiled by a local resident, providing data about jet fuel usage and emissions, with some comparisons with other types of fuel usage.

March 12, 2019: Navy rejects monitoring of Growler Jet impacts on Whidbey Island. Seattle Times article.  Read it here.  Read the Navy Letter.

February 9, 2019: Local resident points out that the government in Japan takes notice of jet noise impact and acts to minimize it, unlike our local Navy, which actively increases it. Read it.

January 16, 2019: Victoria BC feels the growler impact"The rumbles are back. And they’re LOUD."  

November 22, 2018: Unfortunately , even the Canadian navy feels our environment is a site for warfare training. See the story.  

Navy electronic attack operations that affect Olympic Peninsula and marine waters and mammals. August 17, 2017

June 28, 2017: Navy jets clash with the quiet of Olympic National Park.


February 13, 2017: An Analysis of the COSTS of the Navy's presence.

February 8, 2017: How Much Noise Can a Person Survive? Navy Jets Plague the Lives of Washington Residents


December 1, 2016:  Growler Jets invade the peace of our rainforest.  


November 26, 2016. Central Whidbey confronts Navy jet noise, water testing.


October 18, 2016:  Navy is releasing chemicals into our waters.


June 27, 2016:  Download letter to NOAA regarding Ocean Noise Strategy Roadmap.


May 4, 2016: Download news release from COER that rebuts Rep. Larsen's "plans" to mitigate Growler jet noise.


April 2, 2016: Read Seattle Times article on expanding use by the miltary of our public lands.


January 12, 2016:  Is the Navy taking over our shores, land and skies?


October 2015:  Did the US Navy Break Federal Laws to Push War Games Over National Forests?

June 26, 2015: UNESCO steps in to protect Olympic National Park from Warfare Range activities.


May 12, 2015: Representative Derek Kilmer asks for study of jet noise over Olympic National Park. This letter is no longer available on the Kilmer website.


March 31, 2015: Ruling indicates Navy exceeds environmental policy. This website is no longer available.


January 28, 2015: Victoria BC endures jet noise.


January 14, 2015: Sonobouys and Whales


Oct 31, 2014: Navy’s Electronic Warfare Training Plan

July 2019 Pt Townsend Rally.jpg

July 2019 Port Townsend Rally

Get the Big Picture on the Navy's Plans for the Northwest Training and Testing Area. (That's Us!)


Groups are organizing around the region on the issues of jet noise and military activity destructive to our environment.



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