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On October 19, 2018, the Navy announced the Draft Memorandum of Agreement for EA-18G Growler Operations Increase at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island is Open for Public Comment. See:

September 28, 2018: Navy releases Final Environmental Impact Statement on Growler Operations.

A very brief explanation is available at


Do you want to know more about the Navy's Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), produced in the Fall, 2016? Read the comments submitted in response to that DEIS, including the detailed critical comments submitted by Quiet Skies. 


Noise (air traffic, motors, electronics) affects human and animal behavior. Explore these recent reports. 


Do you need to study information in printed form?  The Lopez Island Library has established a "vertical file" for the collection of materials related to jet noise over San Juan County.  Go to the main Library desk and ask for the file "Lopez Environment - Noise Pollution - EA-18G."  A staff  member will accompany you to the archive file area, where you can review the material.


Confused by the technical terms related to the Environmental Impact Study?  Puzzled by some of the jargon in the debate about the growlers?  Read this FAQ sheet.



Sent to the Navy during the EIS scoping period, Fall 2013, written by a local physician, this document contains well researched information, with 44 citations, about how jet noise affects our health as well as local jet crash statistics and options for jet training operations at other locations.



Growler jets emit both a high shriek as well as a very low frequency.  The low frequency is the primary cause of excessive noise and vibration.


Should the special environment of San Juan County include invasive jet noise?  No. We don't need our National  Monuments posting a warning as Deception Pass State Park did on its website: "U.S. Navy jets from nearby Naval Air Station Whidbey Island periodically fly over the campground while engaged in local training. Depending on the direction of the wind, their flight pattern may put them above the park, creating noisy conditions for campers. At various times during the day and night, the aviators may engage in Field Carrier Landing Practice for imminent operations aboard aircraft carriers."


An informational presentation made in Friday Harbor in Spring 2014 is available for viewing at:

This video introduces many issues, describing the aircraft and the effects on the surrounding areas.

















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